teacher Angelo Linzalata

Learning objectives

The Scenography course aims to achieve adequate mastery of artistic methods and techniques as  well as acquire specific know-how of design and style methodologies in the use of the tools of image representation and artistic practices , with particular focus on the areas of theatre, television and cinema scenic design besides setting-up techniques connected to advertising.

The courses focus on developing the necessary skills for the use of expressive, traditional and contemporary technological tools  concerning the use and management of space and the principles of  image representation. Students will acquire the technical knowledge of the use of materials  for the implementation of projects, landscape interventions, environmental works as well as the in-depth study and research of visual art languages

Graduates will acquire a sound knowledge, both  technical and operational, of the methods and contents concerning scenic design, installation, and costume design for performance. They will master new forms of expression and  state-of-the-art techniques and technologies. The course will include the study of a European Union language other than the mother tongue language, in the main field of expertise  and for the exchange of general information and assistance for  IT self-updating (consultants, texts, tests and access to IT laboratories), the use of digital tools and digital communication in the primary field of expertise.

Employment prospects

Graduates of the School will carry out professional activities both in the private and public areas of the theatre, cinema and television , scenic design from installations and costume design for performance, to urban design and  setting-up of events, taking also into consideration an assignment in the private business sector.

Thanks to the current agreements with the local theatres, the “Polo del Mediterraneo for Art, music and entertainment” (with the participation of the Academy, the Conservatory,  “Teatro Stabile”, “Fondazione Teatro Carlo Felice, Università degli Studi) and  the “Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino”, the Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti will organize the most suitable  work placements and internships in order to forge  specific professional skill, in addition to setting specific training goals to achieve for each course of study.



Modern Art History II
History and Theory of Scenography
Architectural Representation of the Scenic Space
Scenography I
Artistic Anatomy
History of Show Business


Contemporary Art History
Technical and Planning Drawing
Spacial Representation Techniques
Scenography II
Lighting Technology
Costume for Show Business
Design Methodology
Setting of Exhibitional Spaces
Performative Techniques for Visual Arts
Techniques and Technologies for Painting
Theory and Methods of Mass Media
Materials Technology


Scenography II
Ornamental Plastic
Digital Modeling Techniques
Digital Photography
Cultural Marketing Basics
Cultural Antropology
Digital video
Computer Technology Basics
Foreign Language – English