Our Open Courses are an educational workshop offer for the people, as an alternative to our traditional academic classes. In these courses everyone is admitted, without age or experience limits.


Educational offer 2021/2022


Painting open course – teacher Leonard Sherifi
50 hours of class lesson
Every wednesday from april, 6th to june, 15th
timetable: 14.00 – 18.00
Cost 450 euros / 350 euros if already graduated in our academy

Engraving open course – teacher Mauro Casalino
50 hours of class lesson
Every tuesday from april, 5th to june, 21st
timetable: 14.30 – 18.30
Cost 250 euros / 150 euros if already graduated in our academy
Minimum number of students: 10
Maximum number of students: 18

The registration fee must be done by march, 29th 2022 via bank transfer on the Accademia Ligustica’s bank account.

IBAN: IT 07 F 05696 01400 000025000X67

It’s mandatory to send the bank transfer receipt and the registration module via email to

Here you can find the courses didactic programs ⤓.

(not active in 2021/2022)

This course is aimed to those who want to experiment hand webbing techniques with different targets: creative and recreative, didactical, aimed to artisanal production, aimed to the creation of fabric for theatre or arts. Pupils already proficent with weaving looms will have access to our looms classroom in order to favor free experimentation.

(not active in 2021/2022)

This course of artistic anatomy proposes a deep exploration around the human figure, in order to learn it in a stimulating and different way. There will be various living model performances, such as dancers, actors and other performers. Lessons will be assisted with technological resources like  screenings of movies, images and sounds.

teacher: Leonard Sherifi

This course aims to teach and train classical drawing and painting techniques through the live study of the human body.

(not active in 2021/2022)

This course is aimed at anyone who wants to learn o deepen the world of sculpture. Mind and hand will be guided in a cognitive and experiential path which will start from the origin of the artistic act to contemporary techniques.

teacher: Mauro Casalino

This course is aimed to the deepening of different engraving tecniques and artistic printing. It will be possible to face both calcographic techniques – through the use of a metallic matrix – and relief engraving on wood, linoleum or similar materials.