Teacher Alessandro Fabbris

Learning objectives

Graduates of the Second-Level Diploma course will acquire the necessary skills to meet the demands of specific areas of the market. They will possess a deep technical-operational knowledge of the Arts and of state-of-the-art technologies and digital tools for design. The course of Decoration focuses on Interior and Exterior Decoration, typical of the Ligurian territory.

With experts in the field, the course will focus on an in-depth study and feasibility of the Colour Plan, essential now in decoration works. The course will also make use of the collaboration of the Faculty of Architecture with regard to the study of urban design. Knowledge of methodologies related to the implementation of increasingly complex paintings. Ability to be independent in the organization of one’s own work. Know-how of the technique in buon fresco or dry painting. Learning contents: knowledge and in-depth study of materials and operational tools. Research of one’s own operational/expressive style. Pictorial copies from ancient, modern and contemporary works of art. Mural paintings executed with the fresco or graffito technique. Priming of surfaces and simulations of wall surfaces. Tempera painting: acrylic and silicate. Learning method: Research/Investigation, workshop activity.

Employment prospects

Graduates of the School will carry out  professional activities in a number of different areas both as freelance artists or in the field of visual arts and in the creative activities within wall decorations for interiors and exteriors, besides collaborating in the planning, design and implementation of specific decoration works and urban design, with traditional tools as well as new forms of expressions which may be encountered at national and international events.

The Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti,  in agreement with public and private institutions, will organize suitable work  placements and internships in order to forge specific professional skills, in addition to  setting specific training goals to achieve for each course of study.



Drawing for Decoration
Contemporary Art History
Decoration I
Material Techniques – Stucco
Techniques and Technologies for Decoration
Ceramic Techniques
Contemporary Plastic Techniques


History of Decoration
Decoration II
Material Techniques – Glass
Materials Techniques
Theory of Perception and Psychology of the Figure
Extramedial Techniques